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In these articles I discuss various issues including how government cuts are brewing a UK sexual health crisis, the scary world of antibiotic resistance and how Sex Education in the UK is letting our teenagers down

July 2019: Kicking the Kyriarchy (podcast): Reproductive Health - The UK Government & Sexual Health Services

January 2019: Coping with Pregnancy Loss - Book By Petra Boynton - Checking of Medical Content

September 2018: The Guardian: Sexual Health Care Cuts Will Stop Me Helping Survivors of Rape and FGM

December 2017: Media Diversified: Black, Gay and Proud

July 2017: The Guardian: HIV Treatment Has Come a Long Way - But There's Still Work to Do

June 2017: The Huffington Post: 'America, Wake Up' - Almeida Theatre 'Figures of Speech' Campaign

March 2017: Gay Times Magazine: Undetectable equals Untransmittable

February 2017: Cosmopolitan UK: 15 Things You Should Know About The Morning After Pill (contributory piece)

November 2016: Cosmopolitan UK: Why Are So Many Of Us Not Getting Our Smear Tests Done

October 2016: Cosmpolitan UK: 6 Reasons Why a Sex Drought is Good For You (contributory piece)

October 2016: SH:24 Digital Blog: World Sexual Health - Argentina

August 2016: The Guardian: Syphilis is on the Rise When it Should be Confined to History

August 2016: The Huffington Post: Pube Politics

July 2016: The Huffington Post: Trans Acceptance

July 2016: The Guardian: Government Cuts are Brewing a Sexual Health Crisis

June 2016: The Telegraph: The Dangers of Buying the Morning-after Pill Online

April 2016: The Telegraph: Super gonorrhoea and George Osborne

March 2016: The Bubble: How to avoid pregnancy scares in Buenos Aires

March 2016: The Bubble: How to stay STI and baby-free in Buenos Aires

Feb 2016: The Telegraph: Sexually transmitted Zika Virus highlights lack of reproductive rights in Latin America

Dec 2015: The Telegraph: WAD: What is it like to be a woman living with HIV in Britain today?

November 2015: SH:24 Digital Blog: Communicating Contraceptive Choice

Nov 2015: The Telegraph: Charlie Sheen: Before you judge him read this about HIV

Oct 2015: The Telegraph: Why is the government trying to close an outstanding sexual health centre?

Sept 2015: The Telegraph: Super gonorrhoea outbreak: everything you need to know

Aug 2015: The Guardian: Rachel is composed, confident - and unable to tell anyone she is HIV-positive

July 2015: The Guardian: Don't lecture us Jeremy Hunt - us doctors already work 24/7 in the NHS

June 2015: The Telegraph: Giving the morning-after pill to teens is irresponsible - but not in the way you think

April 2015: The Guardian: Online treatment for sex infections threatens public health

March 2015: The Guardian: Sex Education in the UK is letting our teenagers down